Dunkerque-Roubaix 2016 Rider List


Rider No First Name Last Name Official Team Category
70 Mark Absolom Master Male
65 Jennifer Allum PMR@ToachimHouse Women Amateur Female
100 Angus Barber Master Male
74 Nick Baxter PMR@ToachimHouse 2 Master Male
101 Gary Biddle Master Male
90 Xavier Branchy Cervelo Amateur Male
66 John Bremner Grand Master Male
91 James Brewer Cervelo Amateur Male
89 Will Bridgman Sigma Sport Amateur Male
10 David Bryant Ride Captains Master Male
63 James Carrannante Master Male
99 Callum Clarke Sigma Sport Amateur Male
106 Simon Cope PMR@ToachimHouse 1 Grand Master Male
83 Steve Craddock Grand Master Male
58 Edward Crosse Master Male
84 Suzannah Doyle PMR@ToachimHouse Women Amateur Female
102 Gerard Duff Grand Master Male
77 Richard Eakins Edco/continental Amateur Male
78 Richard Edwards Master Male
97 Sophie Faldo PMR@ToachimHouse Women Amateur Female
69 Julien Goossens Cervelo Amateur Male
75 Oli Greatbatch Amateur Male
76 Paul Griffith Master Male
79 Richard Hargreaves Master Male
96 Jonathan Harris PMR@ToachimHouse 2 Amateur Male
87 Thomas Harvey Amateur Male
52 Andy Hawes PMR@ToachimHouse 2 Master Male
105 Ray Healey Grand Master Male
107 Austin Henderson Amateur Male
34 Todd Hooper Ride Captains Amateur Male
71 Mike ILLES Grand Master Male
61 Gregory Jadrijevich Master Male
104 Simon Jones Master Male
81 Simon Jordan Master Male
13 David Kirkby Ride Captains Grand Master Male
54 Mark Letters PMR@ToachimHouse 1 Master Male
25 Eddy Lewis Ride Captains Master Male
59 Eleanor Lloyd Cervelo Amateur Female
26 Martin Markowski Ride Captains Master Male
68 Jon Masters Grand Master Male
56 Colin McAlpine Master Male
72 Tom Morton PMR@ToachimHouse 1 Grand Master Male
88 Paul Morton PMR@ToachimHouse 2 Amateur Male
50 Alan Munday Grand Master Male
73 Stephen Niblett Master Male
62 Jakub Pietrzyk Edco/continental Amateur Male
85 Tessa Pugh Amateur Female
51 Andrew Purcell Master Male
86 Tim Reeve Grand Master Male
80 Richard Brel Cervelo Amateur Male
1 Stephen Roche Grand Master Male
19 John Sadler Ride Captains Amateur Male
57 Damien Tanner Master Male
103 Kevin Taylor Master Male
29 David Thomas Ride Captains Grand Master Male
53 Andy Tomkins Grand Master Male
60 Emma Towers PMR@ToachimHouse Women Amateur Female
55 Bevan Towning Grand Master Male
64 Jason Turner Sigma Sport Master Male
11 Kenny Van Vlaminck Master Male
92 Richard Walters Edco/continental Amateur Male
67 John Watkinson Grand Master Male
2 Ian Whittingham Sigma Sport Master Male
98 Campbell Wigley Grand Master Male
95 Andrew Wills PMR@ToachimHouse 1 Grand Master Male
82 Spencer Wilson Master Male
93 Jan Wood Grand Master Male

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